Stephanie is a postdoctoral research fellow in space weather based at UCL’s Mullard Space Science Laboratory. Her research focuses on the evolution of the Sun’s magnetic field in the lead up to solar eruptions and the release of solar energetic particles. Solar eruptive events can lead to spectacular displays of the aurora but also pose a severe radiation risk to crewed space flight severe and cause significant disruption to our technological systems on Earth.


To mitigate the risks posed by these solar eruptive events we need to be able to predict them before they occur, which is currently very difficult. By understanding the magnetic evolution of these source regions before they produce eruptive events can help improve the warnings currently provided by space weather forecasting.

A spectacular eruption observed by the Solar Dynamics Observatory.

Alongside her research she is actively involved in public engagement and outreach activities, which includes giving talks, demonstrations, and space related activities. She is also a Guest Lecturer and Resident Astronomer for various cruise lines.

Cruising the Greenland Fjords.

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