Cruising the Greenland Fjords.

Stephanie is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of St Andrews and is based in the Solar & Magnetospheric Theory Group in the School of Mathematics & Statistics and studies the magnetic activity on the Sun’s surface.

The Sun’s magnetic field can be highly concentrated in patches known as active regions; the source of cool, dense filament material suspended in the solar atmosphere that can erupt and cause huge space weather events when Earth directed.

A spectacular filament eruption as viewed by the Solar Dynamics Observatory.

She is particularly interested in the formation and evolution of these filaments in terms of their magnetic configuration and origin of the suspended plasma. The understanding of what drives these structures to become unstable and erupt would hugely benefit space weather prediction.

Stephanie is very enthusiastic about her research and loves to share this with the public by giving talks, writing articles, visiting schools.

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